January 21st, 2013

HP Unix b2600 Workstation

B2600 SPU w/500MHz PA8600 Processor. This unit is complete with 1 GByte RAM, a 9 GByte disk and Vizualize fx5 graphics. These units are complete with HP-UX 11i installed.

The HP workstation b2600 delivers performance, stability and value to OEMs, telecommunication customers and low-end designers who need a high performance long-term solution with a robust feature set. With a 500MHz PA-8600 processor, up to 4GB memory, full featured HP fx graphics, and high-speed disks the HP workstation b2600 is a new desktop form factor of the HP workstation b2600 – an attractive solution for those customers tight on real estate. Structured and designed to deliver to the customer an easy ordering and installation experience, the HP workstation b2600 gives you the power to invent with a system delivering the ideal combination of price performance and reliability.


Condition: Fully working condition but with cosmetic damage